Monday, October 12, 2015


So a few weeks ago, I went to the Seekers Hub at Riverwood with Remie and I was blown away by this amazing talk by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani from Canada. It was one of those 'back to basics' talk where you dive into the topic of  your relationship with God, your relationship with human and basically the things that you do everyday and how they actually give a significant impact on your life but you've been oblivious. Well, the timing couldn't be any better. I was not exactly having the time of my life in Med then (now too, actually). Exam dates were constantly at the back of my head, I couldn't sleep at night, every little jigsaw pieces refuses to fall into places, (i feel like a hippo all the time).  There was a few times along the road that I felt like Med is not worth it anymore and the constant desire to drop out was building massively; I was at the brink of breaking down. Started getting cramps at nights and and metallic taste on my jaw. I had to run over to Diba's for stresss-release massages  because air was accumulating in my body cavities giving me the daily migraines..hahahaha. Yeah, it was that bad. (some rant that was, allow me)

So yeah, I had anatomy that morning and it was Friday. I was eager to go home and call it a....week. Although I'm pretty sure I'd come home to yet another 5 hours of laptop staring before bed. So when Remie buzzed asking if I wanna hitch a ride, I did a 30 seconds debate in my head which resulted in  me texting her back telling her how I'd love to take the shotgun.

And as usual, best decision ever.
It was a total escape. I loved it.
They even provided us with handouts this time around and so yay, no phone-scribing.

Ohhh lemme show you Seekers Hub. Photos are taken by Lala during our first visit here few months ago before Ramadan started. We were practically ooohing and aaahing all the time then. And for some reason, Lala had her compact camera with her so here are some shy pictures. (Shy, because after a few snaps she puts it away and we stopped goggling at everything like tourists. I secretly wished she's keep going though and have at least snapped the free cookie and tea/ coffee counter and the bathroom omg the bathroom is amazing you could sleep there)

Seekers Hub, as Remie puts it, has this welcoming vibe that is amazing (i need a new adjective pronto). People from all walks of life go there. There are the locals, the internationals, the PRs, the hijabis, the non-hijabis; people just sort of gather and welcome each other, eager to learn Islam regardless of their physicals. In a way, it teaches me that everyone wants to change. Everyone sorts of crave for the truth coz its fitrah. And everyone has their own struggle getting there. The least we could do is to not stop each other from wanting to fulfill that crave; that burning desire to do something about our condition. The least we could do is to not pass on the stigma that you gotta be this, this, this, you gotta wear this, this, this and you gotta let go  of this and this and this, before you can actually learn Islam.

 I mean, I don't know. I'm a very opinionated person. Coz I dwell on stuff, alright. I dwell on unimportant stuff like how peanut butter would taste with Vegemite or the origin of the word 'banana'. And sometimes when I feel like it, I'd dwell on this sort of stuff. A lot of people would probably slam me hard if I voice this out but I really think that there should be more islamic classes that do not subject the audience to a certain rules or dress-codes or basically any of the 'all-or-nothing' concepts. I know so many people who crave to learn Islam but they are more willing to do it in isolation, which, I would also add, is not wrong or anything. It's just that it would be even more better if they were given the choices to come to the classes without having to strip away everything and come like they're fully cleansed and worthy for a talk. The whole changing yourself for better is a process and community support is absolutely crucial.

I'm beating around the bush- yeah.
My point is,
Islam is for everyone. Not just for the chosen people, who were hand picked and screened through by yet another group of people.

And that's why I loooove Seekers Hub.
They don't judge.
They give us space to think if what we're doing is appropriate.
If what we're wearing is appropriate.
If our minds are alright. If our hearts are alright.
They didn't tell us what to do and leaves us with "because if you don't, you're going to hell".
Or the glares. They didn't give any glares.
Or the hidden sarcastic jokes.
Or the you-are-bound-to-us-this-is-a-lifetime-membership sort of unspoken agreement.
Nah. They had none of that.
They're a non-profit organization.
They give us space.
We get so little of that these days.

So, the guy they put on was Faraz Rabbani. And he was discussing The Complete Counsel. An Explanation of the Hadith: "Religion is Sincere Concern"
I promised Lala I would scribe the notes in another post. But in the mean time, let me introduce you to the guy who talked in one of the most baby speed ever yet it was amazingly engaging, I couldn't stop writing; Faraz Rabbani.
He is a great great lecturer.
I have never loved any lecturer that lags when talking. I get annoyed really really easily when people takes forever to deliver their sentence. 
But I was surprised that I enjoyed his pace.
Probably because the subject was pretty heavy.
It was a lot of self reflection.
And had him talk in a Mufti Menk sort of speed, I would have died trying to keep up.

After the 2 hours, I was completely shocked by how filled the blanks on my notes are.
I had put down his quotes, I've added in my own opinions, I even get to scribe in Malay, channeling my thoughts across in my mother-tongue language.
I had all the time in the world to think while he speaks. That, my friend, is rare.
And I didn't want him to stop.
His pace felt right.
The subject was right.
And Remie and I couldn't stop discusssing about it in the car all the way home.

Here's some links to his biography by Seekers Hub : (even this little article about him is pretty inspiring)
This is his tumblr. He has a tumblr! I am not sleeping tonight.
And this is Seeker's hub podcasts on some of his talks.

I'm gonna listen to this one soon.

The Prayer for Drinking Coffee – The Power of Purpose and High Intentions, by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Look him up, guys! I learnt so much from one session. You would too, I promise!

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