Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saad Al-Ghamdi

I have a confession.

I have a new favorite <3
Quran Recitation by Saad Al-Ghamdi
The way he reads the quran is so effortless, so soothing~

Found him first on Spotify. I was doing my homework somewhere where the wi-fi was so bad. And as usual, since my phone has no music playlist (since they take up so much space and I need those Med e-books, yes I'm a nerd I know), I'd go for youtube.
But surprise surprise my data mobile was reaching maximum and I was so desperate for music, I considered Spotify. (Coz it's just songs without the videos so probably it won't use that much of my vodafone data. My logic.)

So I followed this country singer by the name...., well you don't need to know.
And then I  had a moment of sudden realization that I haven't heard recitations for long.
Or attempted to memorize the quran.
Or listened to translation podcasts~
Since Ramadan, I think.
Which was ages ago. Two seasons ago. (Iliveinfourseasonscountrynowwoots)

So, I searched for Quran Recitation on Spotify (You bet they didnt have em)

Well, they do! There's only one with the multiple surahs playlist. And it was Saad Al-Ghamdi's.
Others had selected surahs and since I prefer playlist (which means the whole quran, instead of just a fraction of it), this would do, I thought
Someone with a pure heart aiming for an endless supply of deeds uploaded them and thanks to him/her, I managed to listen to some very good recitation while doing homework~

And then it started to become a thing.
I start listening to him most of the time I'm plugging my earphones to do notes.
I don't know, I don't really plan to.
But, I'll end up clicking his folder and ditching Daughtry and Coldplay.

I really like his recitation (if you still can't tell).
And his pace is about the same as mine when I read the Quran, plus points!
And well,
you sorta know you're doing the right thing.
One step at a time, shall we.

Allah bless you,Sheikh.
You can download here!

Full Quran Saad Al-Ghamdi

Anddddd a few weeks ago, Dania messaged me. No, I messaged her first. She is rarely the initiator for our conversations coz she's fabulous.

And she told me of her favorite.
Rashid Al-Afasy
And you can download hereeee