Saturday, October 26, 2013


May Allah bless this man. Seriously.

I started listening to Nouman Ali khan when I was in college. The girls would have this small lecture between maghrib and isya' and sometimes (most of the time, actually), they would show us downloaded videos. This is why KMB rocks. After figuring out how awesome 'Quran Weekly' is (which is an online program that Nouman hosts), I started downloading 'em only to find out that there's groups of people who loved him just as much and have uploaded many of his talks (not only Quran Weekly) on youtube, halaltube and elsewhere.

Of course lahh, i thought.

There's just something about Mr. Nouman here that makes every one of his talk seemed very relate-able. His usage of layman words are just outstanding.
Don't get me wrong but really, sometimes, when I go to some religious gathering, I found out that I get easily intimidated when people are explaining matters using terms I can't quite yet to comprehend. So, yeah~
Nouman is just so the opposite.

His thinking is very logical, very modern and very approaching.
He talks not like he's some great guy who knows a whole deal about the Quran and Islam.
He talks like he's just another one of us who watches NBA playoffs and eat popcorns.

My sister and I had an opportunity to meet him last year when he was in Malaysia. He had a tour going on, so we signed up as volunteers. On the last day of the tour, Nouman gave a small private talk to us volunteers at the prep room in PWTC. (yes, i was starstuck with him being half a meter away). He mentioned how he loved the fact that we're running events like this but he wanted us to also be out of our comfort zone, to reach out to people of different kinds and not only mingle with the people we feel most in secure with.

Coz Jannah is for everyone. And it doesn't have quotas.

I am currently still downloading and listening to Nouman's lecture online. I've thought of compiling them all uploading them on MediaFire so people can download the zip file straightaway. But till I get that done, here's where the link of the website which I owe so much thanks to. 

You can just right click the lectures that you wanna listen to and go to 'save link as', and you'd get the mp3 version of it in no time. 

Since there's so much of it, I download those that seemed very interesting and copied them to my iPOD. 
That way, even if u're in a bus, the train or just walking alone to the market, you'd get to listen to his words.
And mind you, you'd get addicted. =)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013



I would say I'm the loyal-type. I'd stick to thing that I feel good with eventhough they'd become pretty much overrated.Call me old-fashion, I still have Backstreet Boys and Westlife in my playlist and never have any urge to move 'em out. I'm happy with that. Well-at least, that's what I thought. Until one day I stumbled upon my old stack of CDs and cassette pile and discovered that I haven't actually been that loyal to my past.

There were bunch of 'em cassette. Most of them are nasyids that my sister and I recorded from our old radio, the one she got for her birthday. I remembered vividly how we would wait patiently for the music charts every saturday night and record our favourite songs on the DJ's cue. How w'd refrain ourselves from any giggling or doors-banging as it'll disturb the recording and spoil the whole playlist.

I know for a fact the cassettes don't work anymore. We've tried it on before; the ribbon is all messed up.

And then I remembered my chilhood songs; my actual childhood songs. Before I knew 'Seasons In the Sun' and 'Shape of My Heart'. Before 'Complicated' and 'Welcome to my Life'.

I remembered the sweet-melodious, Raihan

There was a sudden intense longings and so I immediately googled their songs, only to find myself crying after listening to the first few soundtracks.
When I was a kid, the melody was downright catchy and easy to follow.
I never knew the lyrics could be this deep.
God bless them, wherever they are now.
Here's the Album if you want to download.
There'a a blog that have helped compiled and upload the songs and so I'm just redirecting you guys to the file.
All credits go to them and their production house.
Spread their music, will ya. Raihan was famous. They won many awards, locally and internationally. They've held concerts at Russia and France and around the world.
How come? Well, they touched people's soul

Listen to their lyrics. You'll go, no wonder~


1) FULL Album Raihan (Senyum)
2) FULL Album Raihan (Syukur)
3) FULL Album Raihan (Puji-Pujian)