Friday, April 18, 2014


Salam Alaikum all,

So alhamdulillah, few months have passed since I got to Sydney and these days, time really flies. I wouldn't say it felt like only yesterday that I was filling in forms for MARA scholarship contract, (because back then, everything took forever), but ever since this life as a medical student started, things have quite gone quite fast-paced. Like, suddenly it has been one semester. And suddenly, exam, then the winter break. Then Ramadhan.

Medic is..good. I mean, I didn't realize that it would be this okay. I've heard so many bad remarks about it that I've hated the course throughout SPM. And then throughout IB.
And comes degree, I'm just like 'yeah- lets just do this since a million girls would kill for that scholarship and who am I to complain; plus this is what Dad wants yada yada.. (so not the attitude you should have upon entering a degree that will take almost 2/3 of your youth , ok, people).
But I have to say this. Things have been fab. Far from the dark dungeon sorta life I thought I'd be leading. Probably because UNSW encourages clinical practice since first year. In fact, in the 8th week after the first semester commences. So, going to the hospital once every fortnight and actually making use of the things we learn in class- that kinda helps in restoring my interest in this course.
And yeah, Medicine is hard. But do-able. And everything sorta links. And if you get sick, at least some things make sense LOL. I still have the urge to drop-out every now and then, though. Joking.

Anyway, I came across the guy up there in the picture; Kamal Saleh, years ago. It was either some video on facebook or some video they showed during USRAH UMUM  (But as usual, I've never really bothered to look him up. I don't know....nothing really matters to me then except for studying (shame, shame).

But anyway, it's spoken word poetry.
And unlike Amal Ahmed Albaz (whom I also admired), Kamal Saleh's approach is more emotional. His words go deep, deep, deep in your soul. He uses simple vocabs and you'd think you'd be needing some pause-for-effect moment to comprehend the messages he's slamming to you, but no, really. I don't know, there's just something about poetry that allows you to be moved, reflect and think all at the same time. Probably coz it's like listening to a song. hmmm.

He's in his early 20's and studies Law and Media at Macquarie Uni, Sydney. (OMG FOR 5 SEC)

I have this habit whenever I hear about someone so inspiring that turns out to be around my age. I'd go '-and what have I done again for this ummah? Oh yea. I'm battling hard finish some online tv-series. haha. <hopefully not for long though, that'll be a sad 'story of my life', one i wouldn't like flashing before my eyes on my death bed and plus, on judgement day. naudzubillah>

His videos are uploaded on youtube, by the Youtube name LEBO2196.
And among my favourite is the one I've attatched below. And there's another one about Prophet Muhammad that moved Yasmin Mogahed to tears.
(I tell you his words+ emotions are a perfect combo)

His twitter account is here>> @KamalSaleh_

Here's a website that compiles his video and there's a link to download the mp3 version>
 it automatically converts it for you.
(so, you can put it in your iPOD like me eehehehe)

Here's the lyrics I found from this website (thank you MR.X); may Allah bless. Enjoy =)
Ohh. And have a blessed Ramadhan.

What are we doing here? And where are we gonna’ go?
It’s like we just woke up one morning,
And then it was, "Welcome to the show."
Don’t ask any question, just go with the flow,
make as much money as you can and try your best not to get broke.
Copy everything you see on the TV from the hairstyle to the clothes,
And don’t think too often, just do exactly as you’re told.
And If you get confused, just turn towards the alcohol.
You still hear your thoughts? Then just turn up the radio,
As you learn to live a lifestyle of drugs, sex and rock and roll.
But, in all honesty, I just need to know:
Is there more to cycle than growing and getting old?
Living and dying just to leave behind a happy home,
And a whole lot of property that someone else is going to own?
I just really need to know before the caskets close,
Because I’m not willing to gamble with my soul,
Nor am I ready to take any chances.
These are just simple life questions
And I’m just searching for some answers,
Like, “What are we doing here?” and, “what is our purpose?”
“How did we get here?” and, “Who made us so perfect?”
And, “What happens when we go?” or, “Is this world all really worth it?”
Questions we don’t answer because apparently we don’t really have to.
There’s no purpose to this life and our existence is merely natural.
Then in that case please let me ask you,
Did you create yourself or is it someone else who had fashioned you?
Cause you’re a being that is impeccable, faultless, and unparalleled,
You’re a product of supreme intelligence and I’m merely being rational.
For there isn’t a camera on this earth that come close to the human eye,
Nor a computer than can compete along the human mind.
And if the whole world was to come together,
We wouldn’t be able to create a single fly.
So many signs, yet we still deny.
Science tries to justify that all this could come from none,
When it’s a simple sum:
zero plus zero plus zero cannot possibly ever give you one.
So from where did all this order come?
For everything has its origins, a maker, a creator of its own,
I mean, the only reason you’re watching this video
Is because somebody had to press upload.
So we can believe in the Big Bang,
But I’d rather believe in He who caused it to explode.
Allah, the Creator of everything along with every single soul.
The Ever-living, the Master, the only One who is in control.
Unlike his creations, beyond our imaginations,
And, no, he’s not a man, nor does he have any part in His association.
He’s on His own. And, no, He did not ever leave us alone.
Just like every manufacturer, he left us with an instruction manual.
The Quran and Islam, and I’m sorry to jump to conclusions,
But it’s the only one possible solution.
The only definition of God is the One and Only, supreme being, it’s logical.
A Book with zero contradictions,
With miracles that are both scientific and historical,
All revealed over 1400 years ago.
Like the detailed description of the human embryo;
To the mountains as pegs holding firm the earth below,
And the two seas that don’t mix in a complete separate flow;
To the planets in orbit, alternating night and day as they stay in flow.
The expansion of the universe and the creation of everything, from H2O
to the stories of the past and the preservation of Pharoah;
To identifying the lowest point in the land where Persia defeated Rome;
The gushing fluid that created man in the glands
Between the ribs and the backbone.
And, not a word has changed, it’s still the same,
So please explain how all this was known, over 1400 years ago,
To a man who couldn’t read or write
As he would recite whatever the angels spoke.
And if you still don’t believe,
Please try to come up with something that’s even close.
But you can’t, so we took God as a mockery, and his messages as a joke.
Dismiss descriptions as legends and tales of the ancient folk,
As we live life according to our whims, desires and hopes.
Saying this life is the only home we will ever know,
We will live then die then simply turn to bone:
Yo, Lo, Correction. After the grass dies, the rain arrives and it re-grows,
And Allah promises to do the same thing to your very soul,
And bring you back from your very fingertips to your toes.
As the all-seeing, Supreme Being, He watches us so close,
And we are surely being tested, in our wealth, our health, and our self,
And everything that we’ve been blessed with.
So believe, for we will surely be resurrected,
And be brought back to our Lord and account for every single deed,
As He hands us our books and orders us to read.
From the bad to the good and everything in between,
You yourself are sufficient for your own accountability,
so don’t be mad at me, you were the one who thought,
“He wouldn’t come back to me.”
I gave you a whole life long to search after me.
But you were busy in all that which was temporary,
So, read! And glad tidings to all those who believed.
And if you disbelieve, Read!
And don’t let that day be the first day
You find out what your life really means.