Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Ever since Abah installed the family, the amazing-super-fast unifi, I've been downloading movies non-stop. Really. I'm downloading Cadet Kelly at the moment and have just finished watching Cheaper By the Dozen with Yam. Yeah, don't blame us. We didn't have Disney Channels when we were kids so we're catching up now hahah.

Tomorrow, Yam's going back to college and I will be left alone again so I'm kinda sad. Uni semester will only starts at February and that is like 80 days to go. 80 days?! I can travel the world in 80 days. hah. And build a house. And breed kittens.

So, I was going through the books in the family library out of pure boredom and I found the book Syahirah Atikah gave me when she came for sleepover few weeks before she went to Galway. (yes, that girl is a genius).

Teacher Musliza showed it to me once when I was at college. She loves books. She have students handing her one all the time. So her review on this one, when I asked, was; the contents are pretty heavy but extraordinarily meaningful. The words are not bombastic but they're sharp.

So, I sat down in front of the TV one day and read this book Syahirah gave me and sure enough, in less than ten minutes, I could already see why,the author, YASMIN MOGAHED is fantastic. She addresses daily issue and inner conflicts that we battle in all the time. She uncovered the secrets of detaching ourselves from worldly materials and attaching ourselves with God.

I'm no good in explaining in details but I seriously hope that every muslim will get to read this book. If I'm rich enough and like have my very own paychecks, I'd buy a copy for all my friends, really.
Ohh did I mention that you can buy them online, now. Well, here's the link.


And upon stumbling on the website for the book, I came to notice that Yasmin have her own audio podcast. Yayyy!

okay, this is weird. The last time I went to the website, everything was okay. Now, it's showing ERROR 404 and the page cannot be found. Oh well. (can anyone see how bugged I am now but I don't want to remove this post haha)

Here's another website for her podcasts. just as great =)
(God, I love her American accent)

Once the web is okay and I can then download the mp3s, I'll edit this post. =)

See ya.

(this is her anyway. Pretty aite. =p)